What are UNHCR Gifts?

UNHCR Gifts are a collection of items that deliver the essentials of life to people who have had to flee their homes.

When you choose an item from our catalogue, you ensure that refugees have access to vital resources—including shelter, medical care, education, nutrition and clean water. Your gift can be personalized to your friends or family, making it the perfect gift on any occasion.

Are UNHCR Gifts real items?

Each item in the UNHCR gift shop is valued at its real cost and is used by UNHCR to deliver aid to refugees around the world. To ensure that our resources reach the people who need them most, all gifts purchased through the shop are symbolic in nature. The value of your item will be directed where it can immediately help to save or rebuild a life.

I don’t want to shop, I only want to make a donation. Where can I do this?

If you’re interested in making a one-time or monthly donation, please visit www.unhcr.ca/donate. Here you can also make donations in honour or in memory of your loved ones.

Can I personalize UNHCR Gifts for my recipient?

With the purchase of a UNHCR gift, you can send an e-card or download a printable pdf to give to your gift recipient. Both can be personalized and include your message of choice.

For e-cards, please allow up to an hour for the e-card to arrive in the recipient's inbox.

Can my gift be directed to a particular country?

In order to ensure that essential aid is delivered where and when it is needed most, gifts cannot be directed to a particular country or crisis.

How will I receive confirmation of my order?

Upon submitting your order online, you will automatically receive a confirmation email that will be sent to the email address provided.

I did not receive confirmation of my order. What should I do?

Once your order has been completed, you will be directed to a confirmation page within a few seconds. If the page does not redirect it may be a result of a slow connection due to high traffic volume. Do not click submit again. If the page does not come up within a few seconds, check your inbox to see if you received our confirmation email, please check the junk-mail box as well.

If you have not received your confirmation email with 24 hours, please email us at [email protected].

Do all UNHCR Gifts qualify for a tax receipt?

Yes, all UNHCR gift purchases qualify for a tax receipt. Upon confirmation of your order, you will be sent an electronic copy of your tax receipt to the email address provided. Please note your tax receipt will be sent separately from your order confirmation.

Tax receipts will be for the total gift amount of your purchase.

Who will receive the tax receipt for my gift?

As per regulations set out by the Canada Revenue Agency, the tax receipt will be issued in the name of the person who is purchasing the gift.

Is the website secure? How can I ensure my personal details are protected?

UNHCR is committed to keeping your information private and secure. You can read details about our privacy and security policies here.

If you can’t find the information you need regarding UNHCR Gifts, please send us an email at [email protected].